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All romance stories are the same?

I have to say I got a bit offended the other day as I was reading an article about a research done with romance stories. Well the research was limited to Harlequin romance books to understand their popularity and success. They have found a typical pattern that was followed by each book which design was of course created to get better sales. Among many things what caught my attention was the fact that in each story the hero always changes to meet the heroines requirements and gain her love. Well, that doesn’t really happen in real life. 

Maybe offended is a strong word but I know that I don’t want to be characterised as a writer who creates stories that have nothing to do with real life. On the contrary. I prefer books where I can easily imagine myself as one of the characters and live through all the struggles, joys and happiness. And that’s my aim as a writer as well.

Also I do not believe in magical changes in personality. We all have our patterns that we have learned throughout our life and those patterns are really hard to change as they define us, they are part of who we are. Changing from bad to good, from hating dogs to loving them, having a party-life to move on to having a big family. That’s nonsense. But we can understand our own mechanism, can learn how to use these pattern to have a better life than before and if that means finding someone special – that’s the best. For me this the most interesting thing. How people can “wake up” to realise who they are in a mirror shown by another person – who can potentially become a loved one. Because with this we not only find love but find ourselves too. For me that’s romance. 

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