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Black Friday? – sure it is

It’s very strange that in Hungary we have black Fridays everywhere now and no matter where you click an advert is sure to pop-up. It’s just a nightmare. But I also have to admit that I have bought access to a very cool application half price, so I shouldn’t complain.

Putting that aside I still have a “black” mood. It started with an unpleasant debate with my sister a few days ago and it doesn’t seem to go away. I met my friends and did everything to cheer myself up and still doesn’t work. I don’t even want to watch any romance movies or read any romance books. I didn’t write a single letter in my book either.

But I know that it’s just a bad mood and it will disappear sooner or later – I hope sooner – as it always did before. Of course the ugly weather outside and the fact that I have to be in the office don’t help my case, but it’s soon weekend. And again it’s my decision that I want to be in this mood. It may sound strange but for some reason it’s good for me otherwise I wouldn’t keep myself in an unpleasant condition. So I guess I just need to step back from the past few day’s busy rush and have a rest. Actually I need sleep. I keep yawning all day. 

Sometimes the bad mood is a signal that it was too much and we need to lower the level of stress, let a few things go and have a break. I paid a pretty high price once for not listening to such signs, so do not make this mistake.

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